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Tumblr, you and the horrors of humanity that I witness on you make me pray that you will take me back.  Love, Sock

Ducktales - S01 E01 - Don’t Give Up The Ship (Part 1 Of 5) (by AJSty1eS)

Vincent Price in Dragonwyck

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The flip flop

Sometimes all it takes is a change of scenery to bring the flip flop back. And like a moth to light I’m there all over again.

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Man I had awesome hair..
(This is the last pic of us)
So my best friend left for the army. Last I saw her was Sunday night. Granted lately we never see each other lately but she was always there to text. 
So judge if you will but I was watching Sex and the City and Miranda’s baby had his first birthday party. So I’m sitting there watching an adorable tv moment and I just start crying. I want to be the proud mom with the baby. I want kids so much. So what do I do roll over and grab my phone and cry harder. 
Who am I going to talk about that. She knows me. She knows why I cry without a word. There’s no attraction, it isn’t a love thing. It’s a sister thing. She’s the only person I can be silent with and she’s the only person I know that I could text about not having a baby in the middle of the night. 
She the only one that wouldn’t feed me a line to shut me up or make me go away. 
I got so angry when she said she was leaving because I’m selfish. I don’t want her leaving and then I realized the real reason. While I sit there with my girlfriend, my best friend and her family along with her lady friend that last night I saw her; my best friend’s little brother says to her “they are going to send you to Afghanistan.” 
No one knows it, but I hear those words every moment of every day. I won’t see her until September but until then I won’t hear anything different but gun shells falling and her little brother saying that curse.
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And so it begins.. (at Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill & Bar)

Kurt Cobain’s life



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The website “Is it going to be ok?” features photos of people saying yes, everything will be fine. It’s a great pick-me-up site for whenever you need a little extra encouragement.

I remember sitting on your bed the first night and being “Eskimos” like this. I still wish the friendship was the only thing that happened.